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Milwaukee Hotel Deals

Get down for downtown Milwaukee hotel deals

These packages and promotions are just the cherry on top of what’s bound to be a satisfying stay. Check back often, as we’re always adding to the fun.


Do IHG® Rewards members receive specialized deals?

As an IHG® One Rewards member, you can take advantage of our special IHG® Hotels & Resorts promotions while earning and redeeming points in more ways than ever.

How do I become an IHG® One Rewards member?

Become an IHG® One Rewards member now and save with our lowest rates and earn points to use for Reward Nights.

Does Kimpton Journeyman Hotel offer any last minute deals?

Yes, Kimpton Journeyman Hotel offers exclusive Milwaukee last minute hotel deals featured above. Book your stay today!

Are there any family-friendly deals available at Kimpton Journeyman Hotel?

Yes, as a family-friendly hotel in Downtown Milwaukee, Kimpton Journeyman Hotel offers a variety of packages and offers featured above. Book your family getaway today!

Can I Book Now and Pay Later at Kimpton Journeyman Hotel?

Book with confidence at Kimpton Journeyman Hotel with our Best Flexible Rate. With no deposit required and full cancellations up to three days before your stay, travel planning for your trip is commitment free.