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downtown milwaukee

The Heart of the City

Our Hotel’s in Downtown Milwaukee

Dive into downtown Milwaukee

Named to Lonely Planet’s top 10 wish list for places to visit in the U.S. this year, Milwaukee is enjoying its moment in the sun. It all starts downtown, within easy walking distance of Kimpton Journeyman Hotel. Highlights include:

  • Milwaukee Art Museum: The architecture at this museum is considered just as much a work of art as the thousands of impressive pieces inside
  • Milwaukee RiverWalk: Winding through the heart of the city, the RiverWalk passes the main theater district and the Bronze Fonz, a shiny statue that pays homage to Happy Days’ one and only Arthur Fonzarelli
  • Pabst Theater: Known as the “Grande Old Lady,” this theater was built in 1895 and features a magnificent chandelier with 33,000 running inches of Austrian crystal
  • Wisconsin Center: Convention and exhibit attendees will love Wisconsin Center’s integrated art, modern feel, and friendly staff